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About the Ratafia de Champagne Exclusive

Accoording to the gourmet Eric Poindron, the Ratafia de Champagne is by excellence the  present which one offers to the friends.

He says again: « I have the Ratafia de Champagne in my mouth and in my heart because it is more than a drink, it is a « state of mind ».

« There are two kinds of amateurs of Ratafia de Champagne, those who adore it and those who have never drunk it ».

If according the common saying, « there is champagne only in Champagne », it would be good to add that the Champagne would be imperfect without the Ratafia de Champagne.

Tasting of the Ratafia de Champagne Exclusive.

The Ratafia de Champagne Exclusive is the drink of all seasons and of all good opportunities. Ratafia de Champagne Exclusive is a delicate aperitif whose beautiful amber color, the aromas of candied fruits and the sightly sweet and sour mouth match both with salty and sweet flavors.

Ratafia de Champagne is also a particulalry appreciated companion of your desserts.

The Ratafia de Champagne « Exclusive » can be served as an aperitif, pure and very fresh or in cocktail.

You will find recipes of cocktails based on Ratafia de Champagne Exclusive in the specifically dedicated paragraphs.

Enjoying a glass of Ratafia de Champagne « Exclusive » is a pleasure is shared iced fresh as an aperitif, or as a support to your dessert. Bonne dégustation  !

History of the Ratafia de Champagne Exclusive.

The Ratafia de Champagne finds its origins in the beautiful region of Champagne.

Originating from natural ingredients from the champagne grapes, all the nobility of the Ratafia de Champagne comes from its principle of elaboration imprint of a long history.

Since 1911 the house Jean Goyard, established in Ay-en-Champagne, is the main producer.

Alexandre Dumas qualified this beverage as  incomparable elixir.

It’s from this champagne drink that the Exclusive Apéritif is elaborated.